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February 6, 2013
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February 9, 2013

The modern River North steakhouse has made a name for itself based on the popularity of its 55-day, dry-aged steaks considered by some to be the best steak in Chicago. These are prime beef steaks dry-aged and hand-cut on the premises from beef bred from the restaurant’s own bull.

Owned by bonafide celebrity chef David Burke (who is also behind a number of similar, American-focused restaurants around the country), his eponymous eatery boasts generous portions for entrees as well as side dishes and desserts. Most dishes and sides are classic American, but with offbeat accents such as sweet potato stuffing, basil mashed potatoes, and mac ‘n’ cheese made with chorizo.

Steak offerings include the “South Side” bone-in filet mignon, dry-aged ribeyes (aged from 28 to 75 days) and a 35-day Kansas City strip. Non-steak entrees range from lobster pot pie to seared tuna.

While longtime Chicago institutions like Gene & Georgetti’s and the original Morton’s grab the spotlight for classic, traditional preparations, Primehouse relishes in new-school style in every aspect. Its interior, for one, showcases contemporary accents such as communal seating so you can see everyone in the room. A sleek, oval bar extends into the main dining room, allowing for guests to dine from the full menu.

Guests may also choose to dine from the full menu at the adjacent Primehouse Bar, which features classic and contemporary cocktails as well as extensive wine and beer selections. It’s located in the lobby of the James Hotel. This restaurant dry ages it’s meats internally for up to 55 days in a Himalayan Rock Salt room on premise.

55 Day Prime Dry Aged Steak

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