Dry-aged Meat Day at Eataly

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Prime Beef at Eataly

Prime Beef at Eataly

Get your meat on at Eataly

Get your meat on at Eataly

Dry-Aged Meat Day at Eataly:

Purchasing dry-aged meats can be an intimidating feat, mostly because you don’t want to go broke and you have rent to pay. But¬†Eataly¬†takes the fear away from the equation with its inaugural Dry-Age Meat Day on Friday, May 16. Praise beef! Just in time for grilling and meat-eating season, Eataly is slashing prices way back on its stellar meat cuts, selling them essentially at cost for the day. That means you’ll want to go hogwild on your meat purchases to stock up for all your Memorial Day bingeing and cooking. On this day, the prime dry-aged boneless rib-eyes go for $13.80 per pound, down from the typical $26.80 per pound, and the prime dry-aged sirloin is just $7.80 per pound, reduced from $14.80 per pound. Holy cow!


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