Get A Steak At Reverie Restaurant

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Steak at Reverie Restaurant:

Creative Collaboration From Chicago’s Sports and Cuisine Leaders

Steak at Reverie:  In a town that holds its food and sports to the highest standards, Chicago’s “new kid on the block” plans to surpass expectations by combining the best of both worlds. With 2 steaks on the menu Reverie, the 2.0 version of your favorite restaurant and lounge, will be a mix of the latest innovations in cuisine, design and entertainment. The two-story dining destination and lounge – a soon-to-be mecca for food and nightlife connoisseurs – is located at 414 N. Orleans Street in an area they are calling the “East Bank District”

Reverie, defined as “a daydream” or “an impractical idea”, was designed to uphold both its name and meaning. Created by a local group of dedicated tastemakers, the new restaurant aims to bring to life the
“impractical idea” that food and entertainment can bond in a way that is fresh and sophisticated. The dream team includes: restaurateurs Adam Cisek (Red Ivy, Palermo’s) and Jesse Boyle (Red Ivy, Grand
Tour); Intrestco partners Master Chef Rodelio Aglibot, Aeron Lancero (E+O Food and Drink, Yum Cha) and Paul M. Lee (Coco Pazzo, Tre Soldi, Sunda, E+O Food and Drink, Yum Cha); and an investor
lineup that includes Lou Canellis (Chicago sports anchor), Ryan Baker (CBS Chicago) and Kip Lewis (Comcast SportsNet). “I speak for the group when I say that we are looking to push the envelope in terms of the food, design,
technology and service – and have a significant impact on the city’s hospitality scene. The driving force behind Reverie comes from the name, which means ‘impractical idea’. Our objective is to make people
smile and maybe even laugh a little, all while providing a unique dining experience with superb service. We want to be multi-dimensional. We have a killer mixology program, a progressive menu and a terrific,
diverse team. On top of that, Reverie has a very local, quirky charm that I believe people will genuinely want to experience over and over again,” said Boyle.
Chicago native and internationally acclaimed architect, Rocco Laudizio (principal of Slick+Designusa) envisioned Reverie as a modern, cutting edge space with a chic twist. The two-story building features an
interior that is a steady balance of simplicity and complexity. A dreamlike palette of colored lighting and intricate textures on both floors will complement the matrix TVs, which will showcase sporting events,
followed by graphic displays once the games are over. According to Laudizio, “It has become a creative amalgamation of many ideas. You create your own vibe. You set the tone. We created the perfect setting
for you and your friends to do just that.”

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