Mile-High Steakhouse Sandwiches in the Mile-High City

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Mile-High Steakhouse Sandwiches in the Mile-High City

The Mile High City has a particular penchant for mile high sandwiches. Not just at delis and lunch spots, high-quality sandwiches can be found throughout Denver’s steakhouses as well, where meat-and-bread combos exceed expectations thanks to layers of unique sauces, garnishes, seasonings and other surprises. Here are some of the best steakhouse sandwiches to nosh on in Denver these days.

Taxidermy with a side of steak sandwiches at Buckhorn Exchange

Taxidermy with a side of steak sandwiches at Buckhorn Exchange

STK: In addition to those beloved (and rightfully so) “Lil Brgs,” STK’s famed beef sliders, the Denver location of the sexy national steak chain features a behemoth of a sandwich that’s certainly worth saving an appetite for. The modestly dubbed “STK Sandwich” is basically a glam cheesesteak, served on a chewy ciabatta roll with chili-rubbed strip steak, caramelized onions, arugula and Point Reyes blue cheese for a bit of added tang.

The Palm: Lunch at The Palm is practically a rite of passage around these parts, thanks largely to classically iconic midday fare like the steakhouse’s burly sandwiches. There’s a grilled chicken sandwich with crispy bacon, tomato, avocado, cheddar and ranch dressing that screams “Americana,” while a lobster BLT features Nova Scotia shellfish, baby arugula, oven-dried tomatoes and herbal Goddess dressing. If you’re really hankering for something hearty, opt for the grilled short rib and Irish cheddar sandwich, essentially a grilled cheese on steroids.

Buckhorn Exchange: One of Denver’s oldest restaurants has been serving steaks and meaty sandwiches for generations, so you know they’re doing something right. Hit up Buckhorn Exchange for lunch to enjoy their famous sourdough steak sandwich, featuring broiled tenderloin with sauteed mushrooms and onions and melted Jack cheese on a sourdough baguette. Other tempting options include the pot roast sandwich (a fan favorite since 1893) and a Buffalo Reuben.

Eddie Merlot’s: This Englewood institution, the Denver area outpost of the boutique steak chain, features an impressive lineup of lunchtime sandwiches, which really run the gamut. These include a classic French dip, a blackened chicken sandwich with chipotle aioli, a crab cake sandwich with Creole aioli, a crab roll, steak tacos and fajita shrimp tacos.

Ocean Prime: Denver may be miles from any ocean, but that doesn’t stop Ocean Prime from serving seafood sandwiches so fresh you’d think you were on the beach. Come lunch, offerings include a fish sandwich made with the daily chef’s selection, blackened and served with jalapeño corn tartar sauce; and a Maryland crab melt with cheddar cheese and tartar sauce.

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